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This is the username you will use to login to Calm Kid Central. *Important* Please don’t use your full name or email address so you can ensure any questions you ask on the Question Centre are anonymous to other users. For example, you might use your middle name and a birth year eg Georgia73. It can also be helpful to keep it short so that your login process is quick and easy.

There are a few important things you need to know about Calm Kid Central before you agree to log in:

1. We provide education, training, ideas, supervision and encouragement via our learning centres and Help Centre – not individualised psychological therapy or medical advice.

We don’t know exactly what is happening for or with your children (or the children you work with), and haven’t done a comprehensive psychological assessment with them. This means although we want to support help you as much as possible, Calm Kid Central is NOT the same as individualised therapy or counselling.

Please note, Calm Kid Central is designed for children aged 4 to 11. If your child is younger or older than this, you should know the materials may be too old or too young for them.

2. Please don’t rely on us here if you have an immediate concerns about a child’s (or anyone’s) safety.

We are not online 24/7. If your/any child is in any danger or needs urgent medical care. Do the sensible stuff like ring 000, or go to the nearest accident and emergency section of a local hospital.

3. We are mandated reporters of child abuse.

As child psychologists we have an obligation to and want to keep children safe. If we receive information about a child being abused or being in significant danger – we need to let the authorities know. This is true both in our clinics and here at Calm Kid Central.

4. We keep your information safe but we need you to complete before and after questionnaires

We will ask you for your name, brief demographic details and for you to fill in a questionnaire before and after four months of you being a member of Calm Kid Central.  Completing these questionnaires is very important as they help us know if the program is helpful.   Full disclosure - because collecting data on the usefulness of the program is so important we will be nagging you to complete your follow up 4 month questionnaires (sorry!) and agreeing to complete them is a requirement of being a member of this program.

We are 100% committed to keeping your data safe and confidential.  No-one knows the questions you ask on the site (only your username - not your real name or email address - is linked to your questions in the Question Centre).  Your answers on the questionnaires are NOT disclosed to anyone else, but instead it are "pooled" together to see how much Calm Kid Central has helped all members in general  - not you as an individual.  If you have used a code to access the program as supplied by a Primary Health Network, they get a list of postcodes of people who have used the program and "de-identified" (anonymous) data about how much the program has been used by people in their catchment.

If you have used a code supplied to you by HCF to access the program, we will send HCF your full name, the details of the code you used to access the program, and the date you enrolled in the program, for billing purposes. However, we will not send HCF any other personal information about you. We will however send HCF de-identified (anonymous) data about HCF members who are using Calm Kid Central so that HCF can review and evaluate the program.

5. How will we contact you?

We will send you a weekly email with the latest information and resources on the site, as well as reminders to complete your questionnaire and billing reminders. **IF YOU DON'T RECEIVE EMAILS FROM US - please check your Spam folder - thanks!**   If you don't complete your follow up questionnaires we will email you (and possibly call you to ask you very very nicely to complete them. Sensing a theme here? :)).  You can unsubscribe from these emails at any time – but if you unsubscribe from the emails you will still be a Calm Kid Central member. You can also cancel your membership at any time with a “two click” process on your dashboard. If you have any trouble cancelling, you can ask us anytime.

6. This parent/carer membership is for parent/carer use only.

When you click accept below you confirm that you are a parent/guardian and using these videos and resources in a home setting with your own children only (Please note if you are a professional working with children – eg teachers, school counsellors, youth workers, psychologist etc – we would love to have you - please sign up at our professional membership page.

If you are happy with all of this, go ahead and click accept.

Of course if you would rather not, then that’s completely fine- just close this window – and perhaps let us know any of your concerns.

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If you believe Calm Kid Central has not been helpful for your family, we will issue you a full refund within 30 days of starting the program – simply send us an email.

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** Important **

Please do not use your full name or email address so you can ensure any questions you ask on the Question Centre are anonymous to other users.