Calm Kid Pro

Support, training and resources to help child therapists, counsellors and teachers work effectively and confidently with children with emotional/behavioural/social challenges

Does the following apply to you?

  • You are a teacher, school counsellor, child psychologist, youth worker, SSO, allied health worker or other professional who works with children and families.
  • You work with increasing numbers of children with anxiety, ASD, ADHD, ODD or sensory processing issues. Even without formal diagnoses, many children seem to be becoming more complex.
  • You would like new ideas, activities, videos, articles and resources to use with children and parents – and don’t have time to come up with them yourself
  • Your day involves supporting children (and parents/caregivers) with managing anxiety, frustration, social situations, trauma, behaviour, disability and difficult life or family events.
  • At times your job is isolating – you’d like to have quick and easy access to another experienced professional to ask them questions or get support
  • Some days you feel a lack of confidence in what you are doing with families and worry it’s not working! (join the club!)

Calm Kid Central supports professionals working with children in THREE important ways.

1. Video lessons, activity sheets and handouts to use with children – and their parents and caregivers – to improve children’s well-being

Click the arrows below to see some some examples of our animated children’s video lessons and also our parent video lessons


Want to see some snippets of our kids videos? Click the play button below.

Want to see some snippets of our parent videos? Click the play button below.

2. We help you feel more confident and skilled at working with children and families by providing you with training and information

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3. We provide you with individual support and consultancy about tough situations you face at work with families

Evidence for Calm Kid Pro and Calm Kid Central

Over 2000 parents and carers have signed up for Calm Kid Central in the last 2 years. Analysis of the data collected prior to and after 4 months of having access to Calm Kid Central shows:

  • 94% of children (as reported by their parents) experienced a significant reduction in a) anxiety, worry and stress symptoms, b) difficulties managing frustration, following instructions and co-operation behaviours and c) attention and concentration problems after 4 months of being part of the program.
  • In addition, on average, parents reported a statistically significant increase in parental adjustment and well-being
  • 97% of parents said they believed Calm Kid Central had been either “quite”, “very” or “extremely helpful” for their family

Professionals reported a statistically significant increase in confidence in and satisfaction with the resources they had available for working with children with mental health challenges after 4 months of using Calm Kid Pro.  100% of professionals using the program rated it a 8, 9 or 10 out of 10 for usefulness in their work.

(Measures: Pediatric Symptom Checklist, Parent and Family Adjustment Scale, Professional confidence/resources scale –  N=16 for professionals, N = 120 for parents)

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Learning Centre for Kids (All courses, videos, activity sheets and posters)

Learning Centre for Parents (All courses, videos, tip sheets, transcripts and question asking guides)

Learning Centre for Professionals (All courses, videos, tip sheets, articles and webinars)

Question/Help Centre (ask unlimited questions of our child psychologists)

*Coupons: We currently have a limited number of FREE coupons for a year of access to Calm Kid Central.  These are available for professionals who live or work in the Gippsland Region (Victoria) – as funded by Gippsland Primary Health Network. If this applies to you, click below:

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Some comments from parents who use our online Calm Kid Central program are below for your information (please note these are from parents who use Calm Kid Central - not from those who have seen our psychologists face to face in our clinics - comments about direct psychological services are not allowed under Australian Health Advertising guidelines)

I am always excited to get the Calm Kid Central emails with the "video of the week". They always contain pearls of wisdom.. Your work is my "go to" when something new pops up for my kids.

- S. Evans

Easy to apply suggestions and ideas, and the cartoon format makes the information understand and applicable.

- Parent

We watched the mean behaviour video altogether and afterwards practised (with much hilarity) all the different scenarios you posed for dealing with mean behaviour. Fantastic!! Thankyou. Just perfect specific tips that can be enacted immediately and that can be easily remembered. We had a lot of fun - I don't think they will ever be forgotten. Thankyou SO much. So practical and helpful....really appreciate it.

- Rachel

I love the articles. They’ve given me good ideas to address topics with my kids, particularly regarding screen use.

- Parent

Really helpful! My son had significant anxiety and my daughter experiences lots of big feelings but with the videos and tip sheets from CKC I feel so much more confident that I have strategies to help them!

- Parent

I've been able to relate to the solutions and language used in all the videos, - they seem to suit me and my level of understanding and ability to implement/follow through etc.

- Ursula

The videos are so incredibly helpful and the worksheets are also a wonderful support. I am really grateful to have resources such as yours to use. I have sung your praises to friends and teachers at our school. Keep up the superb work!

- Parent

My children love watching the videos. There are some great parenting tips I have been able to refer to, so thank you very much!

- Parent

Thanks so much again for everything.  I have been listening to the parent videos again this week, what a marvellous resource.  I am incredibly grateful. 

- Parent

I use the knowledge I have gained from CKC everyday and feel more confident in my parenting. My children have enjoyed and benefited from the videos and sheets. We're getting there! 

- Parent

Relevant, down to earth, common sense advice. Great resource, appreciate voucher as on low income.

- Parent

Everything! The videos are super helpful in explaining concepts (both to myself and children) and the question centre has been great too. I really like the handouts as well. All in all it's an invaluable resource for professionals working with families.

- Professional

"Calm Kid Pro has been excellent - you know something is a quality program when teachers are still using it a year later"
Principal, Catholic Primary School, Victoria

Meet the Calm Kid Central Team

Kirrilie Smout

Clinical Child Psychologist and Director of Developing Minds Psychology

Kirrilie is a clinical Psychologist, member of the Australian Psychological Society and of the College of Clinical Psychologists. She has a First Class psychology Honours degree and a Masters degree in Clinical psychology, both awarded from Flinders University of SA. She has worked as a psychologist for 22 years in many different settings, with a variety of client groups.

Today Kirrilie is the director of Developing Minds Psychology and provides supervision to the team of child and adolescent psychologists who work with her there.  She also provides seminars and training for young people, teachers, health professionals and schools around Australia.

Kirrilie has received a number of awards, grants and prizes for her speaking, research and consultancy work. She has written three books about and for young people, is the developer of Calm Kid Central, and is the SA convenor of the Child, Adolescent and Family Interest group for the SA chapter of the Australian Psychological Society.

Penny Sih

Clinical Child Psychologist

Penny is a clinical Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has a Psychology Honours degree from Flinders University and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Adelaide. During her studies, Penny was conferred the KPMG Prize for Psychology and published research on psychological outcomes for children in various care arrangements.

Penny has always been passionate about working with young people and their families and has a talent for connecting with young people. She has worked as a psychologist since 2004 in both the private sector and a variety of government settings including Child Protection, Community Health and Education.

Penny is a team leader (providing clinical and professional supervision and crisis supervision) of the Aberfoyle Park Developing Minds clinic.

Taryn Gray

Clinical Child Psychologist

Taryn is a clinical psychologist, a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, and an associate member of the College of Clinical Psychologists. She has a Psychology Honours degree from Adelaide University and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from James Cook University. She has worked as a Psychologist for thirteen years in a variety of settings, with a variety of client groups.

Taryn takes an eclectic approach as a Clinical Psychologist, and has worked in specialist settings with adults and young people.

Taryn is the clinical programs and systems manager for Developing Minds and develops and monitors systems to make sure the practice complies with all relevant funding body (including NDIS, Medicare and others) requirements.

Jacinda Fisher

Clinical Child Psychologist

Jacinda is a clinical Psychologist and a Full Member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) College of Clinical Psychologists.  She has a Masters Degree in Clinical Psychology and a PhD from Flinders University.

Jacinda has worked as a psychologist over the last twelve years working in both the public and private sectors.  Jacinda has also worked as a research psychologist with the Women’s and Children’s hospital within the neonatal department and the child nutrition team, and also for sleep clinics at Flinders University and the Repat Sleep clinic.    Through her PhD research, she is also knowledgeable in the areas of caregiving, coping, illness and grief and loss.

Kate Manning

Clinical Child Psychologist

Kate is a clinical psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society. She has an Honours degree in Behavioural Science awarded from Flinders University and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology awarded from the University of Adelaide.

Kate has worked for 8 years providing support to children and young people who are encountering difficulties with their emotions, adjustment, peer and/or family relationships, behaviour or learning, as well as supporting their families. Kate has gained knowledge and experiencing through working with children and young people with a wide range of medical conditions or disabilities and has specialist knowledge in the area of paediatric acquired brain injury.

Kate Rooney

Clinical Child Psychologist

Kate is a Clinical Psychologist and a full member of the Australian Psychological Society (APS) and the APS College of Clinical Psychologists. She has a Psychology Honours degree from Flinders University and a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology from the University of Adelaide.

Kate has 14 years experience working as a psychologist in a public mental health setting, specialising in working with children and young people (and their families) with a wide range of emotional, social, behavioural and relational difficulties. This has included young people experiencing difficulties such as anxiety, sadness, depression, self-harming, suicidal ideation, trauma, family and relationship issues, stress, developmental disabilities (including autism spectrum disorders) and behavioural challenges.

Sandra Massey

Community Education Officer

Sandra is a social worker with 12 years of experience working in the child and family well being and mental health fields.  She has worked in management, consultation and clinical roles within government, education and private settings.  She is passionate about helping clinicians and services to provide high quality support to families.  At Calm Kid Central, Sandra helps professionals and families learn about the Calm Kid Central program and help them access and find the resources in the program they need.

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