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Equipping Australian school communities to effectively support and work with students with extra emotional, behavioural and social needs – helping them feel calmer, more confident and co-operative.
Does any of this sound familiar?
Within your school community:

Increasing numbers of students have been given a diagnosis of an anxiety disorder, ASD, ADHD, ODD, sensory processing problems or global delay.


Increasing numbers of students are experiencing tough life events or just seem to struggle with worry, frustration, peer relationships and resiliency. 


Teaching (and support) staff find supporting and working with these children (and their families) takes up significant amounts of time and energy.


Increasing numbers of parents and families who struggle to support or use “take charge” skills at home with children – and who appear to be stressed/overwhelmed in the process.

We can help.
At Calm Kid Central, we support Australian Primary Schools
in FOUR important ways.
1. We help you teach students to feel calmer, more confident, resilient and co-operative in the classroom.
We provide videos, activity sheets and posters for you to use in the classroom to help children to effectively manage emotional, behavioural and social challenges.  These resources teach them how to “bounce back” from problems, manage worry, act in confident and brave ways (even when they are scared), calm their bodies, cope with feeling lonely, learn to manage “mean behaviour” at school – and cope constructively with other tough “life stuff”.

Children use or watch these resources with their class or in small groups/counselling settings – and can also watch and use them at home with families.

Coping with “Mean” Behaviour

Learning to Calm Down

Confident Sentences

Calming My Body

Acting Confidently

Danger Checkers; Why we worry

Some teachers and school staff use these resources as the basis of a weekly social and emotional skills lesson, as part of a class meditation or ask individual students to watch them on their devices as a “calm down” process.  Somtimes teachers send the link to parents so children can watch (or rewatch) the videos at home with family.

See below for some sample videos.

2. We help parents in your school community to increase the resilience, confidence and social skills in children with extra behavioural, social or emotional needs
Teaching children skills to manage emotions and cope with life needs to start at home.  But some families need support and ideas about how to do this effectively with their children – especially those with kids with special needs, “big feelings” or those dealing with tough life events (trauma, socio-economic disadvantage – or every day life challenges).

We help parents/caregivers – via a weekly email and links to our parent library of short videos and articles – with fast, practical ideas about how to warmly support, talk to kids, coach them to gain skills and use “take charge” skills.

Teachers use Calm Kid Central the parent library by emailing them a link directly to a video or article (for example, if a parent reports concerns about separation anxiety, a teacher can send them a link to a video on supporting kids with worry). Some schools share videos and articles on their school website for all parents in the school community.  This helps parents across the school community to get the information and support they need – from an independent and credible source.

Videos and resources can be watched /read on mobile device anytime, anywhere.

Parent resource titles include:

Better Before School Mornings

Making Praise more Powerful in Changing Behaviour (8 mins)

The skills and knowledge children need/how to coach this (8 mins)

How we accidentally encourage tricky behaviour (4 mins)

A simple way to increase instruction following (6 mins)

Question Asking Mistakes we make (6 mins)

I can’t do it:  Helping children when their “learning confidence” is low (plus children’s worksheet)

Four Amazing Lessons Children Learn in Tough Times

5 ideas to help children take gaming breaks

Each video includes:

A “real life” section with an audio recorded conversation with real parent/child interacting.

A full Transcript of the text to print out.

3. We provide support to professionals to help them work with children with anxiety, social skills problems, frustration management issues and other challenges.
Dealing with children with emotional, social or behavioural challenges is often one of the most significant cause of school staff stress.  Calm Kid Central child psychologists directly support, provide resources to and help professionals working with these children, to help them find resources, strategies – and know what to say, do and how to respond to difficult situations with these students.

Professionals are sent a weekly “Professionals Only” email to all Calm Kid Central professional members to provide them with the link to a quick email, idea or tip in working with these children. This means teachers are regularly reminded of resources and concepts which will help them support children with extra emotional, social or behavioural needs.

Videos/articles/resources can be watched/accessed on mobile  /device anytime, anywhere.

Sample resources include:

How we accidentally encourage challenging behaviour (4 mins)

A simple way to increase instruction following (6 mins)

Question Asking Mistakes we make when children are upset(6 mins)

Helping Children Learn “good game playing” skills and resolve conflict (plus kids’ activity sheet)

Ideas to help reluctant communicators in the classroom

Working with “tough” children – three sentences to say to ourselves

4. Our child psychologists provide unlimited, individualised online support and psycho-education for all families and staff.  Our panel personally responds to every parent/staff member concern within 48 hours, 48 weeks of the year.
Our panel of experienced and fully qualified child psychologists (from the Developing Minds Clinics in South Australia) are available online to all Calm Kid parent and staff members in the school community. 

Questions from both parents and staff are answered.  For staff: we have a “Professionals Only” discussion centre. This means staff can log on to their own, private question centre and ask us questions about managing and supporting a child with challenging behaviour or emotional needs in the classroom.

Unlimited questions about child development, difficult situations and child challenges answered – within 48 hours – for 48 weeks of the year.   


Clinical Child Psychologist


Clinical Child Psychologist


Clinical Child Psychologist


Clinical Child Psychologist


Clinical Child Psychologist

Here are a selection of questions which have already been answered on the site by our child psychologists:

Questions from parents/carers in our parent membership question centre:
(Please note these have been summarised for the sake of brevity)

– What do you to help children who struggle with focus at school?
– How to help kids who forget belongings and are not interested in chores at home?
– Help for kids with negative self talk?
– Ideas for children who feel like children are “looking at her”?
– Help for 6 year old who gets angry and hits other children
– Ideas for conflict in sibling relationships
– What to say to children worrying about dying?
– How to help with separation anxiety in Year 2 student?
– Children who complain about going to school
– Meltdowns in 11 year olds – ideas and help

Questions from professionals/teachers in our professionals only question centre:
(Please note these have been summarised for the sake of brevity)

– Do you know any groups for kids who need social skills training?
– What is the latest thinking on using rewards with children?
– How do you work with children who have experienced trauma?
– What assessment tools do you use?
–  How do you engage with 10-12 year old boys who just don’t want to talk?
– What can you suggest for younger children who struggle to sit still on the mat?
– How to respond to children talking about death.
– What resources are there for helping children create better body awareness?
– How do you get kids to actually use their “calm down strategies”?

Evidence for Calm Kid Central – does it really help?

Over 1000 Australian teachers, parents and carers and school communities (in South Australia, Victoria, Queensland, New South Wales and in the United States) have signed up for Calm Kid Central in the last 2 years.

94% of children (as reported by their parents) experienced a significant reduction in a) anxiety, worry and stress symptoms, b) difficulties managing frustration, following instructions and co-operation behaviours and c) attention and concentration problems after 4 months of being part of the program.

In addition, on average, parents reported a statistically significant increase in parental adjustment and well-being

97% of parents said they believed Calm Kid Central had been either “quite”, “very” or “extremely helpful” for their family

(Data collected from 81 families, measures used were the Pediatric Symptom Checklist and the Parent and Family Adjustment Scale)

What do schools think about Calm Kid Central?
I really liked the regular emails with relevant information, the range of info on the website (so I can spent a short time watching a video or spend longer looking into the areas I need support with). There is also a wide range of topics to provide relevant info in different situations (including really difficult issues like self harm in children).


Calm Kid Central assisted us in tackling professional discussion with staff and families with reference to material. Great to use with families and students.
School Principal

South Australia

Calm Kid Central is interactive, up to date and helps students, parents and children. It has helped me really help the students I work with. I’m enjoying using the videos to help children learn social skills…I would recommend it to any school well being staff.
R. Fairlie

Community Carer

I am always excited to get the Calm Kid Central emails with the “video of the week”. They always contain pearls of wisdom.. Your work is my “go to” when something new pops up for my kids.
S. Evans


I love the articles. They’ve given me good ideas to address topics with my kids, particularly regarding screen use


The videos are great for the age group I work with (6-10 year olds).  I also use the tip sheets to give to parents.  The concepts are easy to follow and good also for parent education.

Clinical child psychologist

New South Wales

Easy to apply suggestions and ideas, and the cartoon format makes the information understand and applicable


Please note that Calm Kid Central is an educational service (not a therapy service) and the testimonials above are about Calm Kid Central, and not about Developing Minds therapy services.
What I’ve found most helpful about Calm Kid Central is the access to information – on a wide range of topics – the regular emails/helpful suggestions you send us weekly – and the videos for kids.

School Counsellor/Registered Psychologist

New South Wales

My children love watching the videos. There are some great parenting tips I have been able to refer to, so thank you very much!


When schools sign up for Calm Kid Central for schools, every family with a child in Reception to Year 4 and all employed school staff working with this age group are entitled to full, unrestricted access to Calm Kid Central for 12 months, including all resources, weekly education emails and unlimited online access to the child psychologists.

Pricing is based on the number of students enrolled at the school in Reception to Year 4.

0-150 students in Reception to Year 4: $2150 plus GST (ie $ 14 per child)

151-300 students in Reception to Year 4: $2350 plus GST (ie $7 per child)

301-450 students in Reception to Year 4: $2550 plus GST (ie $5 per child)

451-600 students in Reception to Year 4: $2850 plus GST (ie $4 per child)

Budget Issues?

Does the above pricing put this program out of your budget?   Some schools have used some of the funds from their annual teacher professional development, parent education and social/emotional well being budget to pay for this program, and other schools have asked families to contribute to the program to help pay for it.  

Other schools choose not to purchase the “Whole School Membership” but instead simply purchase an organisational membership – this allows a number of staff at the school to access the program for use within the school and classroom programs – but not families at home. 

“Organisational membership” pricing is as follows:
$685 for 5-10 professionals from the same organisation to have full access to the program for 12 months
$895 for 11-15 professionals from the same organisation to have full access to the program for 12 months

Are you a parent or carer wanting to support children in your home?

The program and pricing listed above is for whole school membership.

But don’t worry if your school is not a member – we have a special Calm Kid Central program just for you.

Click on the button below to find out more.

Frequently Asked Questions
Are all the videos and resources available as soon as parents/staff sign up? Will there be more released?
Yes, all of our existing videos and resources are instantly available after you sign up and log in. There are new videos, articles, activity sheets and resources are released each month.
We have students diagnosed with an anxiety disorder,autism, ADHD, learning disorder, speech and language disorder or global delay. Will Calm Kid Central be useful for these students?
Yes.  We work with hundreds of children each year with these diagnoses, and in Australia see children under the National Disability Insurance scheme.  We are very familiar with the particular issues that these children have and are conscious of making sure our adult and child resources have information that applies directly to this group of families.
Do I have to download any programs or software?
No, there is no downloading of programs or software. Provided you have an internet connection everything is streamed directly to your phone or computer. Everything is optimised for mobile phones too – so you can watch/listen while you are out of the house.
Who is the behind this site? Who creates the resources? And what is Developing Minds Psychology?
My name is Kirrilie Smout. I’m a child psychologist from Adelaide, Australia. I’ve spent more than 20 years working with families and now direct the Developing Minds team. Our team consists of 15 child psychologists (many of whom also provide resources and answer questions here at Calm Kid Central) who see more than 150 families each week, and provide training and supervision to other professionals who work with kids.

I’ve also presented seminars and training to more than 50 thousand students (and their teachers and parents) within schools across Australia to help them learn to manage their difficult emotions and challenges in life.  I’ve worked really closely with teachers, school staff and other professionals in supporting families.

All these experiences have been a privilege for me. I’ve learnt an amazing amount about families, and this has helped me write several books about and for children – and develop Calm Kid Central.

Why did you create Calm Kid Central?
In mid 2015 I worked with a family in a rural area via skype.  We discovered that private health cover didn’t allow them to claim their sessions and I was really disappointed for them.

Around the same time, we were getting increasing numbers of requests from schools to provide psychology services in schools themselves, and asked to provide supervision and consultation to school staff.  We just didnt have the capacity to have our psychologists attend schools in person as much as we would have liked.

I started thinking that there must be a better way – and the idea of Calm Kid Central  was born.

Our team of psychologists really do care about the young people they work with, and I have all my fingers and toes crossed that Calm Kid Central helps us ultimately reach and support hundreds of kids – and their teachers, and parents – to feel calmer, more confident and act in more positive ways.

How do you manage confidentiality on Calm Kid Central?
All CKC users choose their own username and can elect to use a pseudonym.  This means they can ask questions without other users (professionals and teachers) knowing who they are.   We do not disclose the identities of the users on the site to any other parent or school staff member – unless there are critical safety issues.
How do users log in and use the site?
Once a school has signed up for membership, they are provided with two unique “coupon codes” (one for staff, and one for parents) which they can distribute to everyone in their school community.  Parents and staff sign up themselves using the coupon code, and this allows them to have their own individual login.
How do you manage safety on Calm Kid Central?
All users provide us with their name and contact details so that we can contact them directly if we have any concerns about the well-being of a child.  All of our psychologists are fully registered with all working with children police clearances.  Children themselves do not log into the site – only adults (parents and staff).
I have more questions about Calm Kid Central, how do I get in touch with you?
We are real people here and answer our phone and emails!  If you have any questions about Calm Kid Central, then you can contact us anytime at kirriliesmout@developingminds.net.au

You can also call us during business hours 9-5pm AEST on 08 8357 1711

** Important **

Please do not use your full name or email address so you can ensure any questions you ask on the Question Centre are anonymous to other users.

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