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Support, training and child resources
to help therapists, counsellors and
teachers work with children with emotional/behavioural/social challenges

How We Help

Video Courses for Children, Parents and Professionals

Video lessons you can watch with children and families in class/therapy rooms to teach them emotional and psychological skills.  Video lessons you can watch yourself to update your skills. 

Articles and Helpful Printouts

Activity sheets, discussion guides, "at home practice sheets" to use with children in session/classrooms to help them learn how to manage frustration, act calmly, manage friendships, manage stress and more.  Articles to provide to parents/caregivers.


Access to Child Psychologists

Clinical child psychologists with an average 15 years experience on standby to answer an unlimited number of your consultation questions and concerns about the "tricky" kids and families you are working with - answers within 48 hours posted on our Question Centre.  

Our video courses are designed to teach children to cope with negative feelings, feel calmer, act confidently with peers and more.

Our online animated videos courses (which can be used in groups, classroom settings, therapy rooms) are designed to help children with “big feelings”.  They are designed to teach them how to act confidently, stay calm, learn social skills and act co-operatively. Each video also comes with an activity, poster, discussion guide and at home practice sheet to ensure children really understand the key points in each video lesson.

Click play to see snippets of some of our videos for children.

Our parent/caregiver videos teach parents and carers to feel more confident and effectively support kids with big feelings.  

Video courses and articles to help parents know what to say to their child when they are distressed, what to do to help them calm down and how to help them act in more co-operative ways.  You can use these with parents in therapy rooms/seminars and groups.

There is also a growing library of videos, articles, research summaries and webinars for professionals specifically – you can use these to update your knowledge (get your professional development hours done without additional costs or going off site to training).

Click play to see snippets of some of our videos for parents/caregivers.

Question Centre staffed by Child Psychologists

Calm Kid Central (the parent/caregiver version) has a Question Centre for parents/caregivers to ask questions of our child psychologist panel (answered within 24-48 hours).  You can access this yourself as a professional to assist you to provide ideas for how you might answer similar questions.   In our “Professionals Only” question centre in Calm Kid Pro, you can also ask a question about a resource, idea or reference. Our panel of experienced child psychologists will answer within 48 hours.  Save time “googling” resources which you can never quite find – ask us instead!


Information about Professionals using Calm Kid Pro

Over 700 professionals (usually in the health and education fields - ie child psychologists, well-being co-ordinators, teachers, mental health nurses and counsellors) have joined Calm Kid Pro in the last 4 years.

Analysis of the data collected prior to and after 4 months of having access to Calm Kid Pro showed that professionals (N=52_ reported a statistically significant increase in their confidence in explaining psychological concepts to children (p<.001), in their confidence providing strategies to cope with emotional health and life challenges (p<.001) as well as in their satisfaction with the resources they had availabe to them in working with these children (p<0.001).

Calm Kid Pro of course is not appropriate for/will not be helpful for every professional who works with children - feel free to contact us if you have any questions about whether it might be helpful for you. 

For your interest, we also collect data from parents who join the parent version of this program (Calm Kid Central).  Over 3000 Australian families use Calm Kid Central.  Using a measure called the Paediatric Symptom Checklist, 94% of parents (N=300) report that their children experienced a significant reduction in a) anxiety, worry and stress symptoms, b) difficulties managing frustration, following instructions and co-operation behaviours and c) attention and concentration problems after 4 months of being part of the program.

In addition, on average, parents reported a statistically significant increase in parental adjustment and well-being (using a measured called the Parent and Family Adjustment Scale). 

97% of parents said they believed Calm Kid Central had been either "quite", "very" or "extremely helpful" for their family.

Of course Calm Kid Central is also not suitable or appropriate for every family and we encourage families to contact us before they join the program if they have any questions about suitability.  

The Calm Kid Central Team

The Calm Kid Central Team is made up of a five person child psychologist panel, our community education officer and our admin and technical support team.

Our clinical child psychologists all have Masters degrees in psychology, have worked exclusively with children and families for between 8 and 22 years.  We have work every day with children with diagnoses such as ASD, ADHD, learning disorders, sensory processing disorders and trauma.  We also work with children who just need some extra support in managing tough life situations or their strong emotions.  

We typically use a “third wave” cognitive-behavioural, systems and attachment approach to children’s mental and emotional health.

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Some comments from both professionals who use Calm Kid Pro in their work with children, as well as from parents who use our online Calm Kid Central program are below for your information. Please note the parent comments are simply about our videos, articles and worksheets (educational materials) as we are aware that comments about Regulated Health Services are not allowed under Australian Health Advertising guidelines)

"I love the videos and worksheets. I use them so much with the children I see, they are easy for them to grasp and I highly recommend this program to others."

"Lots of good strategies for working with students who have challenging behaviours"

"Calm Kid Pro has assisted us in tackling professional discussions with staff and families. Great to use with families and students."

"I've really enjoyed the (Question Centre), I've probably used it the most out of all the resources. It's super helpful to get specific guidance about issues but I also just enjoy reading the posts of other professionals to see what they are working with or needing guidance with"

"Access to some excellent resources for using with students and families. It has also been useful to be able to see responses to questions asked by others."

"The videos are great for the 6-10 year olds I work with. I also use the tip sheets to give to parents. The concepts are easy to follow and good also for parent education."

(What has been most helpful is) "Having access to the forum. Knowing that I can contact a professional with tricky issues"

"The (Question Centre) has been really helpful (and) the videos for both adults and children have been very valuable!"

"The videos offer a great way to connect with students and support them with the issues they have. Often much better than just talking. I feel confident that the information is professional and up to date"

"Having access to so many great resources - particularly the videos and the worksheets that address what was seen in the videos - I use these with kids a lot in sessions when things are starting to feel a bit stuck or kids are finding it hard to find words to talk about things or are finding the session difficult. Kids seem to really relate to the content and these resources always help open up conversations or areas to work on in session. All aspects of the program are always helpful. I also really like receiving the regular emails as I am very time poor so this helps remind me to return to the website to look at the material."

Everything! The videos are super helpful in explaining concepts (both to myself and children) and the question centre has been great too. I really like the handouts as well. All in all it's an invaluable resource for professionals working with families.

- Professional

"The videos are the perfect length to get some very important information into a struggling child’s brain that sometimes doesn’t want to hear it."  (Child mental health professional)

"Calm Kid Pro has been excellent - you know something is a quality program when teachers are still using it a year later"
Principal, Catholic Primary School, Victoria

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